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G3 Comms helps financial services and insurance organisations deliver outstanding customer experiences

Delivering service excellence in a digital world

The financial services sector is evolving rapidly. The rise of digital - underpinned by exciting developments like artificial intelligence and automation – has created a culture of continuous innovation, which is rewriting the way organisations interact with their customers who are not only more informed, but also more demanding.

To stay competitive, the sector must adapt to these emerging technological trends and ensure they are deployed at the centre of operations. However, with compliance and regulatory requirements increasing in both volume and complexity, this can be challenging. You need to know you're agile enough to ensure an outstanding customer experience, every time.


G3 Comms: leading the way in digital transformation through communications

As a leader in digital transformation, G3 Comms works closely with financial services organisations to ensure that customer experience and employee collaboration remains simple, secure and seamless whilst meeting customer interaction demands and enhancing the way employees work.

Our tailored Unified Communications and Contact Centre solutions empower your business to provide an enhanced experience and make the most of every new opportunity that the digital revolution has to offer you.

This truly connected environment leverages the growing trends of mobility and multi-device communication, to enable secure, reliable customer-employee collaboration while always staying compliant and accessible - regardless of medium.

Secure access, anywhere, anytime

  • Help make the most of every customer interaction

New technologies for personalisation

  • Harness AI, machine learning, and big data for a richer experience
  • Connect with customers on multiple channels seamlessly and securely

Stay innovative

  • Integrate new technologies with your software and hardware platforms and workflows
  • Use historic data to streamline processes and deliver personalised engagement

Maintain loyalty

  • Deliver communications that are targeted and timely
  • Offer new mobile and digital experiences that inspire

Manage customers intelligently

  • Pair customers with the best agents
  • Use voice biometrics for authentication
  • Engage customers through augmented reality

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